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Infrastructure with Splentity

We know setting up infrastructure can be difficult and time consuming. Splentity is here to simplify that, with our managed infrastructure. Whether you just need secure off-site storage or an enterprise grade web server, we can have your new services up and running in just a few minutes.

Managed Infrastructure

All of Splentity's infrastructure offerings are managed systems. This means that we set up everything for you, and perform all administration tasks for you. Access is provided on request, but you should never have to see a shell on the server during the course of provided services.

To perform any tasks on your Splentity Managed hardware, other than updates (which we perform once a month, or in response to security issues) you would create a support ticket for the service in question, specify what you need done, and the ticket will be processed by the next business day, unless marked urgent.

Competitive Advantage

Instead of hiring in-house IT staff, who may only have tasks to perform once or twice a month, Splentity provides an inexpensive alternative. It is our goal to help secure the internet, and we choose to do so by providing simple and secure hosting.

However, we don't just provide servers themselves. We offer five classifications of infrastructure services.

Splentity Managed Servers

These systems are generic servers that can be used for any purpose. With Splentity Managed servers, you have complete access to the provided server, and can perform any task you like on it, including manual installation of software. Each system is configured specifically to meet your needs.

Splentity Managed Web Services

These services are tailored specifically to the needs of particular web applications. You do not have direct access to the server running the web application, which is handled entirely by Splentity. These systems are a cost effective alternative to having a server for each of your services. Splentity currently supports the following services:

If we don't currently support a service that you would like to use, contact us and we'll look into it.

Splentity Managed Data Storage

We offer remote data storage with support for tunneled NFS, SSHFS or rsync. In addition, we provide automated backup as a service.

On-premises Infrastructure

We don't just support managed infrastructure in our data center, but also on your on-premises. This is generally a better option for something like Samba or NFS network shares, where it's generally better to have your server on the same internal network. With these services, either you own the hardware being managed by Splentity, or you may rent hardware from us.

Note: When setting up NFS on-premises, we also configure any machines you designate to connect to the new share.

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